International Government Relations / Anti-Corruption

Otto Reich Associates, LLC’s broad access to the government and business leaders of every country in the region puts it in a position to influence the outcome of local business ventures.

ORA also protects corporations from the constant threat of corruption throughout the region.  We use our experience and knowledge of US policy to defend clients’ interests against improper business practices and undue influence by public and private officials.

Business Intelligence / Policy Forecasting

Otto Reich Associates (ORA) keeps its clients abreast of the latest developments in the US and the Western Hemisphere and how they may affect business trends. Ambassador Reich and his associates have extensive relationships throughout the US government that give them accurate insights of how US policy is made and implemented in Latin America. This knowledge can be valuable in general, but the firm can also build a custom “business intelligence” network that would keep clients fully informed on US government policy as well as specific industry trends

Business Development and Hemispheric Partnering Solutions

ORA assists Latin American companies in business development in the US, and vice versa, particularly through the identification of strategic partners. While finding the right partner is critical, it is only the first step in the process. Managing that relationship is what becomes absolutely essential to the ultimate success of the venture and Otto Reich Associates has extensive experience in this kind of “business diplomacy.”



Given his long career at the highest policy making levels of the US government and his experience as an independent consultant

and business executive, Ambassador Otto Reich is uniquely positioned to assist clients in the following areas:

From left to right, Amb. Otto Reich, Secretary of State Colin Powell, President Bush, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Deputy National Security Advisor Gary Edson & Special Assistant to the President Thomas Shannon briefing the President aboard Air Force One

“I thank you for serving your nation again under difficult circumstances.  You have made a great contribution to our Western Hemisphere regional efforts.  I thank you for your loyalty and dedication to me and the President.”

-Secretary of State Colin Powell

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