1. Design and implement political and business diplomacy strategies for US and multinational companies to compete on an even playing field in countries with complex ethical and legal challenges while fully complying with US laws, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

  1. Advise major and mid-size US corporations on government relations to support trade and investment goals in South and Central American countries and the Caribbean.


  1. Advise a Latin American energy resources corporation on political strategy to support investment plans in four South American countries.


  1. Identify US joint venture partners for a large Latin American corporation.


  1. Advise a US corporation on developing defensive political strategy to reduce expropriation exposure in two South American countries


  1. Obtain multilateral financing for investment projects in several Latin American, two African and two Asian nations


  1. Advise a US energy resources corporation on securing US government assistance for business in select Middle East and Arabian Gulf states.


  1. Provide non-litigious resolution involving commercial and investment disputes for major US corporations which had exhausted the judicial process.


  1. Provide political and economic risk assessment in selected countries.


  1. Identify and secure foreign investment and privatization opportunities in Latin America.


  1. Provide political strategy for successful defense of trademark dispute is several countries of Eastern Europe and South America.

Below is a partial list of former clients of Otto Reich

(Note: ORA does not disclose current client list).

  1. AT&T

  2. Bacardi and Co., Ltd.

  3. Bacardi International, Inc.

  4. Bell Atlantic (Now Verizon)

  5. British American Tobacco Co.

  6. Daimler-Chrysler

  7. Entergy

  8. International Paper

  9. Lockheed Martin

  10. McDonnell Douglas Commercial Aircraft Company (Now Boeing Co.)

  11. Mobil Oil (Now Exxon-Mobil)

  12. Panama Trade and Economic Council


 “Ambassador Reich has served America with distinction by representing our fundamental values of freedom and democracy around the world, and I am grateful for his support."

-Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain

 ““As the President’s Special Envoy for Western Hemisphere Initiatives, you played an important role in building international support for the President’s policies … At the same time, you helped to ensure that the Administration kept focused on challenges in our own hemisphere.”

-Assistant to the President for National

Security Affairs - Condoleezza Rice

Ambassador Reich & Secretary of State Rice

Senator John McCain (R) & Ambassador Reich

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